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私たちは、最初の学期の終わりにグループプロジェクトを行い、そこにバックグラウンドミュージックといくつかの効果がありたいと思っていました。 最後にWAVファイルを使用しましたが、AACを再生できなかったためです。





次のコードは、私が書いたlibのスニペットです。 GitHubでlib全体を見ることができます。 AACPlayer
このlib /ソリューションでは、aacデコーダJAADを使用しています。

public static void play(File[] files) 
       // local vars 
       byte[]   b;    // array for the actual audio Data during the playback 
       AudioTrack  track;   // track we are playing atm 
       AudioFormat  af;    // the track's format 
       SourceDataLine line;   // the line we'll use the get our audio to the speaker's 
       Decoder   dec;   // decoder to get the audio bytes 
       Frame   frame;   // 
       SampleBuffer buf;   // 
       int    currentTrack; // index of current track from playlist 
       MP4Container cont;   // container to open the current track with 
       Movie   movie;   // and get the content from the container 

        // for-next loop to play each titel from the playlist once 
        for (currentTrack = 0; currentTrack < files.length; currentTrack++) 
         cont = new MP4Container(new RandomAccessFile(files[currentTrack], "r")); // open titel with random access 
         movie = cont.getMovie();       // get content from container, 
         List<Track> content = movie.getTracks(); 
         if (content.isEmpty())        // check if container HAS content 
          throw new Exception ("insert error message here"); // if so, 
         track = (AudioTrack) movie.getTracks().get(0); // grab first track and set the audioformat 
         af  = new AudioFormat(track.getSampleRate(), track.getSampleSize(), track.getChannelCount(), true, true); 
         line = AudioSystem.getSourceDataLine(af);  // get a DataLine from the AudioSystem 
         line.open();          // open and 
         line.start();          // start it 

         dec  = new Decoder(track.getDecoderSpecificInfo()); 

         buf = new SampleBuffer(); 
         while(track.hasMoreFrames())    // while we have frames left 
          frame = track.readNextFrame();   // read next frame, 
          dec.decodeFrame(frame.getData(), buf); // decode it and put into the buffer 
          b = buf.getData();      // write the frame data from the buffer to our byte-array 
          line.write(b, 0, b.length);    // and from there write the byte array into our open AudioSystem DataLine 

          while (paused)     // check if we should pause 
           Thread.sleep(500);   // if yes, stay half a second 

           if (Thread.interrupted()) // check if we should stop possibly 
            line.close();   // if yes, close line and 
            return;     // exit thread 

          if (Thread.interrupted())  // if not in pause, still check on each frame if we should 
          {        // stop. If so 
           line.close();    // close line and 
           return;      // exit thread 

         line.close();   // after titel is over, close line 

         if (loop)    // if we should loop current titel, set currentTrack -1, 
          currentTrack--;  // as on bottom of for-next it get's +1 and so the same titel get's played again 
         else if (repeat && (currentTrack == files.length -1)) // else check if we are at the end of the playlist 
          currentTrack = -1; // and should repeat the whole list. If so, set currentTrack -1, so it get's 0 on for-next bottom 
       catch (LineUnavailableException | IOException | InterruptedException e)